Tuesday, July 24


I occasionally (not often enough IMO) remember to check in with Ashli, a courageous woman who has gone through hyperemesis multiple times and is a tireless advocate for Pro Life causes. She has written a book about her experiences with HG, and recently has had a couple of posts about why she cannot support March of Dimes.

I touched on this not too long ago when I noticed a post by Rebecca (at Mary Meets Dolly) on various organizations that support ebryonic stem cell research, cloning, and/or fetal tissue research.

This article is quite a disturbing addition to the information I've already seen. Especially upsetting is the entry under "L," which details experiments done on still-alive children who were in the process of being aborted by hysterectomy. (I must warn you that the article is quite blunt about what was done to these children, who were still attached to the umbillical cord and their mothers.)

However, the same article gives information on a Pro Life alternative to Mard of Dimes. Maybe next time MOD tries to get a donation from me, I'll make one to the Michael Fund.


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