Monday, July 2

Blogroll Highlight: Word Up!

Today's spotlight is on The WØRD: A Colbert Blog for Catholic It-Getters, a new blog that posts clips from "The Colbert Report" and points out the Catholicism that lurks behind the persona that is Stephen Colbert. I am a fan of Colbert, though I did need a break after a bit. (I was getting a little burned out after never missing it for more than four months!)

This blog is the perfect way to get back into watching one of my favorite shows on TV. Plus, I get a nice heads up on when he mentions being Catholic. (One of my favorite videos posted so far was this one, in which he talks about Sinead O'Connor and mentions her stunt on SNL with the picture of John Paul II, among other signs of the aPOPcalypse.)

Head on over and enjoy!


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