Monday, July 30


That, my friends, is the hysterical laughter of a woman who was called by the library on Saturday afternoon. I wasn't home until Sunday night (when they were not open), so I couldn't pick up my borrowed copy of Deathly Hallows until this morning. I am running a timer as I read, with the many interruptions that happen when you are Mommy Home with the Children and Hubby is Away on a Business Trip. So far, I have been able to read for 3:33:18. I am on page 268 (beginning of chapter 14). I am not reading any more until the girls are in bed. For now, I'm headed downstairs to watch Chicken Run while we eat dinner. I hope I'll be able to think straight and concentrate without wondering if the chickens are horcruxes. ;)

I will not be reading any blogs until I am finished. Then, when done (which I am predicting will be sometime tonight because, as I mentioned, Hubby is Away on Business), I will mourn the fact that I have absolutely no one to talk to about the book. Hubby has not read them (though he will), Older God-daughter has only read through book 5 (I called to tell her, "Neener neener" this morning), my sister hasn't read any of them, and my parents have only watched a couple of the movies, of which I have only seen one.

I'll probably post just to discuss in the comments the results, with nothing much in the title except, perhaps, "Spoiler Comments on Harry." Seriously. I am SOOOO desperate to talk to someone about the books, especially grown-ups.

Okay, bye for now, have a nice night.


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