Tuesday, July 24

The End

I am having fits as I try to read my regular blogs. Many writers are fans of Harry Potter.

I read all six of the previous books in a three-week period early this Spring when my girls and I got sick. One week of flu for them, one week of flu for me, one week of bronchitis for me. Six books read. (Can't say how many movies the girls watched while I was sick. I could barely function, and Hubby was away for most of the bronchitis. But I do know that they played a lot with their dollhouse and other toys, and they read a lot of Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House.)

I do not own a single Harry Potter book. I borrowed them all from the library, and we intend to get a full set from Scholastic Books as soon as they are all available in one big set. (Tempted as I was to buy the six in a set from Scholastic and just pre-order the seventh, I knew I'd be bugged that the set wouldn't match.)

Last week, I went to get Chamber of Secrets to read to the girls, and I noticed this list posted on the check-out computer. It looked something like this:

1. Someone's Name
2. Another Person
3. Someone Else
4. This Guy
5. Some Lady
6. Another Woman
7. Some Other Man

I said to Library Man, "Is that the entire waiting list for Deathly Hallows??!!??"

"I think," he chuckled, "that most people are just buying it instead of borrowing it."

I thought for a moment. "How many copies do you think our branch will be getting in?" I asked.

He answered, "Last book, we got about six copies in. I expect we'll get about that many for this one. Want me to write you down?"


I'm now number 8 on the list.

I told Big Girl yesterday that I expect to get a call within three days with a copy for me. Until then, I am desperately trying to keep away from Harry Potter spoilers. I have strong suspicions, and I think I had a revelation about it just because of the central aspect of sacrificial love within the series. But I'll not write even that for now. I might be able to write about it when I'm finished, but I will be sure to mark the entry as a spoiler in the title of the post, just in case you are even slower to get to Deathly Hallows than I am.

Man, I really hope I can get my hands on it before I am supposed to stay at my friends' house this weekend so I can watch their children. (I wonder if they'd cancel their vacation if I am too busy reading.) I mean, I could wind up being like this.



Cath said...

If you lived just down the road instead of a couple of hours away, I would loan you my copy. After an eventful afternoon, I officially got into reading it between 8 and 8:30 p.m. and finished it at 2:15 a.m. I had to.

I saw in my Borders e-mail that a boxed set will be available 18 September, but it is expensive. I just checked Borders.com, which is teamed with Amazon.com, and the set is down from $195 to $116.99.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I saw that set (I think): all hardcover? I saw it here. I'll wait for the softcover set. I've seen it in stores, but only 1-6. I figured that if I'm controlling myself enough now, I'll be okay waiting a bit longer. ;)

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

See this for an idea of what I'm waiting for. :)

Much less expensive, and it'll still have all the same words.

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