Wednesday, September 20

When Did THAT Happen?

The vanities in our bathrooms are the variety that are kind of tall. When we moved here, the girls both needed to stand on an old milk crate in order to reach the sink to brush their teeth and wash their hands. Late last year, they switched to a small, low stool that only boosts them up about 6 inches or so.

Yesterday, before soccer practice, Big Girl was washing up in the bathroom and I noticed that she was standing on the floor - with flat feet - and washing her hands with ease. When she was finished, she reached back and shut off the water without even going on tip-toes.

I was staring at her with my mouth hanging open (looking really intelligent, I tell you), and she asked, "Did I do something wrong? What?"

"When did you get so darn tall?!?"

She just smiled at me, probably thinking that she isn't growing nearly fast enough for her taste. I remember being that way when I was nearly 8, and she is no different. But it is still amazing, and even a bit heartbreaking, to see it happening. It just kind of creeps up on me. And it didn't seem that this was so long ago, either.

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sushipajamas said...

well sure she's different, she isnt from your parent's gene pool.

the hieght thing can realy knock you for a loop when youre from different families.

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