Thursday, September 14

Saints, Purgatory, the Bosom of Abraham, and Hell

Mark Shea has an interesting post up with a Q&A about all of that stuff.

Here's the question, and you should head over to Mark's blog for the answer:

All of the protestant denominations I have been involved with teach that there are places where both the righteous and damned dead go to await the resurrection, judgment, etc. For the righteous it is called the "bosom of Abraham" or "Paradise", and I'm unsure what the place for the damned is called. The damned are in a state of torment and the the righteous are in a blessed state, but none have received their final reward/punishment. Is this basically the same concept as Purgatory?

Also, how does the Church determine who the patron saints of a profession, etc. are going to be?

Oh yeah, I really appreciate you anwering all of my questions!

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