Wednesday, September 13

Life Chain Sunday is Coming!

I am a bit bummed out because I'll miss the Life Chain this year. I'll be dropping the girls off (with Hubby) in Williamsburg for a week-long visit with my parents and their cousin (our god-daughter). And, since we are coming home on Sunday, October 1, from the drop-off, I'll will miss the Life Chain that afternoon. Bummer. That's okay, though, because we'll pray together on the trip back for the conversion of souls, especially in regard to abortion and other issues related to the Culture of Life.

Dan Lacey made up a beautiful cartoon for Baxter County, Arkansas, Right to Life, especially for Life Chain Sunday. I thought it would be nice to brighten things up around here today. (Man, it's a yucky day outside where I am!)

If you have a chance, be sure to show your support on Life Chain Sunday!

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