Tuesday, October 7


We rented Bella as soon as it was out on DVD.  Watched it with bated breath.  

We were unimpressed.  Nice message, but just not well done.  The movie felt kind of thrown together, to be honest.  And there was no line of reasoning that was easily followed.

I think we must not jump on any authentically Christian movie and laud it just because it is authentically Christian.  We are in danger of making others believe that a movie doesn't have to be well-done for us, as long as it's got A Message.  Demand GOOD movies with a Christian message.  

If you liked Bella, fine.  I'm glad!  But we were just disappointed in it, especially after all the hype surrounding it.  

That being said, I'm glad it was on Lifetime last night.  Goodness knows that isn't a channel known for high standards in movies.  ;)

But maybe it touched someone, helped them choose life, helped them heal.  I hope so.

But I also hope we'll have better Pro Life movies in the future.

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