Tuesday, October 7

Being a Great Husband: He's Doing It Right!

This post made me think of my sweetheart.  Travel Man does everything he can to make life good for his girls (and that includes me).  I have a lot to be thankful for.

I'll give you a recurring example.  Since I started working from home, life is totally crazy for me.  I'm homeschooling, working 20 or so hours a week, trying to run the house, and also still trying to be chair for Respect Life at my parish (which I have been lousy with lately).  A little more than a week ago, my dishwasher broke down.  We're not certain what's wrong with it, since all signs pointed to the door latch and it wasn't that.  Since I'm not keen on hiring someone to look at it, we've been washing dishes by hand.  (The girls have now picked up a new chore: washing dishes.  Soccer Dad/Travel Man quipped, "See how much I love you?  When your dishwasher broke, I got you TWO new dishwashers!")  Since this adds just one more fun thing for me to do, he has taken to asking me a question whenever I seem extremely busy or stressed out in the least:

"What can I do right now to make your life easier?"

What an amazing question, and just as amazing is that whatever I ask, he does!  (Not that he isn't in the habit of helping or doing what I ask, but it's just this thing he's started lately.)  I'm not sure where he got it from or why he decided to phrase things this way, but it's really a sweet thing.  I like it.

Of course, Big Girl has a great answer when I say, "Um...I'm not sure..."

"Daddy, give her a million dollars!  Then she can quit and get a new kitchen and we can go out to eat!"  (Did I mention the question usually comes while I'm cooking something?)

There are certainly improvements Soccer Dad/Travel Man could make, but let's face facts here.  *I* have an awful lot of improvements to make, too.  I try really hard not to complain because I married him for who he was, not who I hoped he'd be.  And some things are not worth complaining about.  Important things, well, I try to be diplomatic about it.  

Anyway, Sweetheart's Day is coming up.  Don't buy a card, silly.  Write a little love note, even if you use bath crayons in the shower.  Or just ask a simple question that is sure to touch your sweetie's heart:

What can I do right now to make your life easier?

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