Friday, October 10

Big Girl's Sense of Humor

Yesterday, while discussing the absence of decorations for her upcoming slumber party (for her tenth birthday):

Big Girl: Well, I was kind of planning this whole birthday extravaganza where you give me a boat and a car.


Today, while celebrating that the Mac has arrived:

Big Girl: FRAH-JEE-LAY.  It's French.


HEATHER said...

NO it's Italian!
We've started saying that with my in-laws. What can I say we're goofy!

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I actually said that. I said, "Honey, I think it might be Italian."

She answered, "Yeah, but it looks French. Frah-JEE-lay!"

Crazy kid.

Barb, sfo said...

LOL, that would be my cue to get her a matchbox car and boat....

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Barb, DON'T TELL...but she's getting something really neat. She has NO CLUE because we keep telling her she's too young for an iPod Shuffle.


I can't wait!!

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