Wednesday, February 24

I'm ... Stunned ...

The first place winner drew Jay-Z.

The second place winner drew President Obama.

The third place winner drew Michelle Obama.

None of the winners drew any of these influential Blacks (click on any picture for their Wikipedia bio):

Too long ago? How about the second half of the 20th Century?

(There's REAL musical talent!)

Or what should be some VERY obvious late-20th Century figures:

I can see the president (and, I suppose, the First Lady), but, again, let's look at the winning picture. What do you notice about it? Because, aside from the fact that the child obviously sees a rapper as a role model (warning bells!!!), did you happen to notice what I saw about the picture?

Can someone please tell me why that is an acceptable thing, let alone something to reward with a $500 prize?

[image sources: contest pictures, all other pictures from Wikipedia, hotlinked on each photo individually]

Last minute update before posting:

I decided to put up a video clip of Marian Anderson singing because I was certain she'd be worth it. What do you think? Was she?

(In the video above, she begins singing at about 2:15.)

Follow the links for more.

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