Wednesday, March 10

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: First Flowers of Spring

The snow is nearly gone, and suddenly, we've got Snowdrops and Crocus Flowers!

Spring is my favorite season because of the way everything seems to be reborn this time of year. Even our souls, through the grace of the Sacraments and the Church and the season of Lent, are reborn.

I wrote about this idea two years ago, at the beginning of Lent (which came unusually early that year):

...Lent is a lot like this garden. As we begin this Liturgical Season, winter is still heavy upon us. Things are cold and dreary outside, and most people would say that Lent feels a little dreary inside, as well. After all, we've just put away Christmas and now we have gone from celebration to penitence. From cookies and fun to sacrifice and giving-up. When I made Soccer Dad a cup of coffee yesterday, I thought, "How many days is Lent again?" and wondered if I'd be able to make it through. I feel like the garden looks when you drive by it. Brown, yucky, empty.

But, the fact is, the garden isn't really empty, and it's not yucky. (Brown, I'll give ya'.) But even that brown has a purpose. ...

Read more about my thoughts on my garden, Lent, and Easter here.

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Flowers said...

That is just an incredible combination of textures and elements. So softly feminine, and intricate. Beautiful!

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