Thursday, March 18

Lenten Mission

I just discovered one of the priests giving our Lenten Mission wrote in support of that "Just Say, WAIT!" article on the new translation.

The nun on the mission team blogged recently about how it's bad to ask for religious to wear habits or be too monastic or even to ask that they still pray the Divine Office daily. (This in reaction to the Vatican's survey of women religious in the U.S.) She, too, complains about the new translation.

There's even a link on their page (Thomas More Center) to U.S. Catholic, which printed an article in support of Liberation Theology, and highlighted a professor at a Catholic university who teaches it to undergrads!! Among their recommended authors on theology is Richard McBrien.

My first clue that I wouldn't be particularly jazzed about going was when I saw the two priests and the nun were all in street clothes. Their website doesn't encourage me at all. I can't help but be underwhelmed by the whole thing, and not at all motivated to rearrange my schedule to go to any sessions.


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Esther G. said...

...and I thought our missions were bad.

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