Wednesday, March 24

House Hunters

These stuck-up kids look at a kitchen that's nicer than mine, and the young woman says, "If you want me to learn how to cook, I sure can't do it on THIS kitchen!" As if the woman who lives there now can't make a food meal for her family. And, to the young man with her, I say this: that stove is not from the 1930's. Did you never see your kitchen growing up? That is CLEARLY 1970's to 1980's.

'course, these kid in Cherry Hill, NJ, are discussing over the houses in some sleek martini place.

Seriously, what's with this idea that you can only cook in a gourmet kitchen??? With granite and stainless steel appliances??

GET OVER YOURSELVES. I would LOVE your reject kitchen.

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Christina Martin said...

The irony is that a lot of people who simply "can't" cook in a kitchen without granite countertops are discovering that they have to do major repairs to their foundations, because a wooden foundation is not strong enough to hold up the weight.

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