Thursday, March 11

Made of Awesome: Debt-Free Dinner

Not only is Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Made of Awesome™, but our dinner out at what my niece calls "Chop-Chop, Flip-Flip" is ALSO Made of Awesome™.

How can you beat a grill set on fire?

Or a flaming onion volcano?

Or hibachi veggies that look like this?

Oh, heck, fried rice itself is pretty much Made of Awesome™. And fat. Fat is also Made of Awesome™.

Unless it's on my thighs.

Can I share something else with you?

Dinners Made of Awesome™ often exceed your entire day's points if you're on Weight Watchers. I more than doubled my point intake on Sunday. I've been good since then, but still ... wow.

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