Tuesday, November 3

What's Wrong with This Picture?

I needed four cans of kidney beans to make a double-portion of Brown Sugar Chili last night. I opened the four cans and this is what I found.


SAHMinIL said...

Just wondering? Didn't the can with only one bean in it FEEL different the rest? Perhaps a little to light? LOL

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

It didn't feel that different - at least not that you'd notice as you're cruising through Wal Mart. When I purposely held one can in each hand, THEN I noticed, but I had to really be thinking about it. When I first picked them up, it wasn't noticeable at all.

My husband said, "Hey, enjoy your bean." LOL!

Christine the Soccer Mom said...
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Christine the Soccer Mom said...

When I say "held one in each hand," I meant after I was staring at my ONE BEAN. In case that wasn't obvious. ;)

Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

Are you going to take it back to the store? How bizarre!

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