Wednesday, November 4

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Number 40

Joel tells us all that it's Sesame Street's birthday today! Sesame Street is just a little less than 6 months older than I am. :)

He posted one of his favorite Sesame Street songs, and this was always one of mine.

And here's another of my favorites:

(I guess I loved the days sponsored by the number 12!)

But who can resist Bert and Ernie?


And who doesn't love Super Grover? (Well, maybe this boy, who sees that it's Super Grover and says, "Oh, rats.")

But one of my favorite songs of all time from Sesame Street is this one. I just could so identify with Kermit's desire to be more like others, but having to come to terms with who God made him to be. Even as a little kid, this song totally struck a chord with me. (If you'll pardon my pun.)

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