Wednesday, October 21

Wordless Wednesday: Fiery Trees

I'm taking a break from much of my internet activities for the rest of the month, but I've been taking pictures lately, so I wanted to share some of my fall pics for Wordless Wednesday. These are all in my area of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This is a view of the Jefferson National Forest from my front yard. (There's a bit of someone's tree in the foreground; it's about four houses up the street from me.) The Forest is north of me, and the mountains are starting to look like ... well, like Someone spilled yellow, orange, and red paint in big splotches all over the place.

Here's Little Girl was swinging on the tree between our home and our neighbors'.

Here's a far-away shot of the tree. Notice how brilliant the sky is? I did nothing to enhance or touch-up this picture, either.

I love how the changing leaves pop against that sky!

Little Girl and I both liked this picture. Sky, leaves, and sun. This is the view from under the tree on which she was swinging, by the way. It's been a truly lovely day.

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