Thursday, October 15

Has it REALLY Been Eleven Years?

Yes, indeed, it has. Big Girl is really eleven. And turning into a young woman.

She was over the moon about the Guitar Hero guitar Grandma and Pa Pa got her and swore she'd wear her Toad hat "everywhere except Mass," but she could barely wait until I showed her how to put on her eye shadow that she got for her birthday. Eye shadow. Real women's stuff, you know.

It's simple beige stuff, very subtle, and we're probably the only people who will know she's wearing it, but I have one very excited little girl young woman on my hands today.

Here's a little look back at my sweet bundle of joy.

(This shot is from her first birthday. I love these kinds of pictures!)

(That year, we took her to Sea World for her birthday. She how much she loved the Shamu Show?)

(A few months later, we went to Rock City and Ruby Falls. By the time she'd run all over Rock City, she was a bit tired. Travel Man carried her the last half of the way down to Ruby Falls, and this is how she experienced it.)

(Here's Big Girl helping her Daddy wash my minivan.)

(We did take her to Sea World more, and she did get to see Shamu. But here she is with her Daddy, signing "I love you" to me.)

(Riding Barbara Manatee.)

(Meeting Little Girl for the first time. She is signing "I love you" to her, in case you can't see well.)

Let's fast forward a bit...

My girl is getting so big. She's on the cusp between girl-hood and woman-hood. I don't like to think about it much because I want to savor this, but it's not fair to keep her small.

Soon enough, she'll be out in the world. My job will be done.

But in the meantime, and especially today (and on every October 15), I like to think of her like this:

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your cousin Laura said...

One of my only memories of her is "Rolly Rolly Moo"...I think we're long overdue for a real family get-together!

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