Sunday, October 4

At the Parish Picnic

There was a silent auction, including several boxes of books. One box I was really interested in had The Everlasting Man in it, in addition to a couple of other books, including The Audacity of Hope. Travel Man said, "Well, the downside is Obama's book."

But I wanted Chesterton, so I bid on the box. I checked back about 20 minutes before the end of the auction only to see a new bid. One new bid.

I could outbid the person, but I am not sure what the Purgatorial time is for outbidding your priest on Chesterton books. So I told Father K. it wasn't exactly fair.

"You could outbid me. It's okay."

"No," I teased, "I think I might go to Hell. I won't outbid you."

And neither would anyone else, though Father did mention he'd loan the book to us when he was done. I might take him up on it sometime, but it's not like I don't have other reading I could do. It's tough to be a bookworm without being able to sit for 20 hours a day and read.

Hey, everyone needs to sleep, right?

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