Wednesday, March 18

Weekends With Will, Part III

We're into the third Shakespeare play now - "Romeo and Juliet" - and the girls insist that I need to be Juliet to Travel Man's Romeo.  Who am I to argue?  Every girl wants to be Juliet and do that balcony scene, right?

If you've never experienced the love of your life reading those lines to you, ladies, I recommend it highly.  To stray a bit from my straight-laced image (*cough!* HA!), let me say this: it is practically an aphrodisiac!  WHOO!

So, anyhow...

The next time we pick up the play, I say, "Hey, let's go back and do the balcony scene again before we do the next part.  Okay?"

Big Girl was pretty blunt.  "Mommy, it's not all about the balcony scene.  You need to move on."

Who are your heros?


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