Friday, March 20

Special Olympian Tells It Like It Is

Found via The Corner, from the AP:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - The top bowler for the Special Olympics looks forward to meeting President Barack Obama in an alley.

"He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300. I could beat that score easily," Michigan's Kolan McConiughey (KO-lahn Mc-KAHNA-he) told The Associated Press in an interview Friday.

The athletic-minded president made an offhand remark Thursday on "The Tonight Show" comparing his weak bowling to "the Special Olympics or something." He quickly apologized and told the Special Olympics chairman he wants to have some of its athletes visit the White House to bowl or play basketball.

McConiughey, who is mentally disabled, is just the bowler for the job. He's bowled five perfect games since 2005.

The 35-year-old McConiughey has been bowling since he was 8 or 9. His advice for Obama? Practice every day.

You tell him, Kolan!

(And, in case you are reading the rest of the posts dealing with this despicable comment of the president, I don't think that his offhand, "Oh, I didn't mean it to be bad or anything," is enough.  What, does he call short busses "tart carts," too?  Nice people don't make jokes at the expense of the retarded.  Actually, nice people don't make jokes at the expense of anyone else.  I maintain that this comment is just a symptom of his utter disregard for the dignity of human life in general.)

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These people are just sooo TACKY and CRASS!!

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