Thursday, March 19


At Shoved to Them, we find a story about the sixth child reacting to his big brother, #5, who screams suddenly, startling #6 out of a nap and causing him to cry.  On the surface, this sounds like a boring, everyday story. 

But #6 won't be born for five months yet.

Read the whole thing (especially the insensitive nurse), but here's my favorite part:

Then came the midwife with the ultrasound machine. (Hooray!) The children all piled around me to get their first peek at our littlest one.

It was clearly sleeping. Nestled in peacefully and curled up in the fetal position. Then the machine beeped and #5 screamed.

#6 threw its arms wide in the classic infant startle. Then, the little hands flew instinctively up to cover the ears from a big brother's offensive racket.

The little face turned towards the direction of the crying brother, and it's mouth opened slightly. Then, its chin began to quiver. Clearly, obviously crying.

What a beautiful story!

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