Thursday, September 18

Under the Bus

I have been battling a stuffy nose for a few days now, and I was sure it was allergies.  Last night, though, as I finished my shift around ten p.m., I noticed that I felt really cruddy.  When I woke up this morning, I realized that my ankles and toe joints hurt.

uh, oh...

So I staggered upstairs and took my temperature.  Sure enough, I'm running a fever.  

Since I feel sufficiently muddled enough in the head, I decided that I am not really much good for Apple today and I dropped my (much needed) hours.  Instead of working 4.5 hours today, I'll be finishing the laundry (which was going to be done whether I worked or not - the kids need underwear!), changing the guestroom beds (hi, Mom and Dad!), and generally resting.  The only reason I'm leaving the house is to purchase some cold medicine for myself to alleviate some of the nasal issues I have going on.  And to probably buy more tissues.

Anyway, I was reflecting on my situation today.  I'm not so sick that I am half-comatose, but I am definitely in need of a bit of help around the house.  When the girls were little, I lived mere blocks from my parents.  If I was really sick, I'd go there and Mom would help and watch the girls while I made a recovery.   Now, though, I live more than 700 miles away from my family.  But Big Girl will be ten in less than a month (yikes!), and Little Girl is seven.  They got up today and made their beds (I think), got dressed alone, and Big Girl made waffles for breakfast for the two of them.  ("Mom, I'll make waffles; you stay there and just take a nap.")  

I am blessed that I haven't been too seriously ill often since our move.  Like some of my fellow bloggers on my blogroll, I hate asking for help.  However, I'm also blessed that when I do need the help, I can ask.  And today, when I just need a little help and for the girls to occupy themselves while I try to rest up for tomorrow, they are old enough to do both.

Thank You, God, for this blessing!

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