Monday, September 22

He Wanted It in Writing...

Soccer Dad/Travel Man has mentioned that he'd like the following statement in writing.  I am willing to do it, since it's true.

He was right.  I was wrong.  Four years ago, we should have spent the extra money and bought a Mac.  It is better, better, better.  If I could use Time Machine to go back in time and change my actions, I would NEVER have bought our stinky Dell.  

Travel Man is WAY smarter than me.

Again, just so it's in writing and quite clear.  

Travel Man was right.  Soccer Mom was wrong.


HEATHER said...

OH Christine! I am so so sorry!
But a Mac is NEVER the answer.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

We've now got one of each, and I am totally in love with the Mac. Barely even look at the Dell any more! LOL

For what we do, and what we WANT to do, the Mac is actually the answer. And I was very much a Mac-hater for years, too. I had VERY bad experiences on the Macs of ten or eleven years ago.

Who are your heros?


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