Monday, September 29


I TOTALLY forgot to mention this last week!

Big Girl's team had their second soccer game of the season last week (September 19).  Little Girl plays with her this year, which is great because it's making her less timid when playing sports, but unfortunately, Little Girl was also running a fever last week.  (We all took turns, and Big Girl actually missed soccer practice the previous Tuesday because of it.)

My parents were there to watch the game since they were on the way to my cousin's wedding in NYC the next weekend.

And, it finally happened.

Big Girl SCORED!!!!!  This is her third or fourth year with the team, two seasons per year, and she finally got in there and pounded on into the goal!  As it went past the goalie, she thrust her fists into the air and made a sharp turnaround on the field, running with her fists up and her arms straight.  Her coach ran out onto the field and hugged her.  I restrained myself enough NOT to do that, but was definitely heard screaming as I jumped up and down on the sidelines.  And the best part is that it happened right in front of where we were seated.  We'd set our chairs down near the goal where her team would score in the second half!

It was a really, really exciting day.  I am SO proud of Big Girl!

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