Wednesday, June 16

In Which I Try a How-To

A nice commenter said that perhaps I'd try my hand at some how-to stuff.

Obviously, a stranger. I sometimes feel like I'm simply stumbling through life. But I do manage to hold on, and I try hard to maintain a positive attitude.

I've been working on an idea for my first how-to, and I'll be updating soon with that post. First, though, I have to get through this week, wherein I am without Little Girl and Travel Man, but am hosting my niece and (for tonight) two other girls. Big Girl wanted to have a pool party/sleepover in honor of her Big Cousin's visit, and so there we are. Only thing we're missing is that we can't go to Mass tonight; it seems Father is out of town and he didn't even okay it with me. Hmph!

So watch this space for a how-to. And have a blessed weekend.

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