Sunday, May 17

Quick Notes on a Busy Weekend

Two quick things:

  1. We did a small renovation in our kitchen, and I'm planning on posting pictures because I just so dang proud of my husband for doing this job for me.  It turned out great, and he worked within some pretty irritating limitations to give me a better space (and more useful) in our kitchen.  He's my hero.  He truly lives up to his Knighthood status.

  2. I saw this For Better or for Worse cartoon today (you know Lynn Johnston has gone back to the beginning, tweaking her strip as she goes through the growing up years again), and this cartoon just made me smile.  Once, we took Big Girl to Disney World, and she lagged behind a few moments in line.  We'd just noticed she wasn't with us when we heard her kind of cry out a little - a sort of gasp! - and looked back to notice that she'd hugged the legs of a man in shorts nearly identical to Travel Man's that day.  Right shorts, wrong daddy.  :)

Have a blessed Sunday.

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