Tuesday, May 12


Never, ever have I wished so badly that an NBA player gets leveled.  It's so very un-Christian of me.  

And yet, when I see Rondo, I just want someone to just TAKE. HIM. OUT.

Want to flop and fake a foul while playing dirty against us?  Let me show you a REAL foul.

See?  Very un-Christian.  He makes me so MAD!  And no matter how dirty he plays (or any of Boston's players, for that matter), he doesn't get suspended.  Hip check a player so hard he winds up in the locker room getting stitched up?  No suspension.  Later in the same game, grab another player by the arm and hurl him into the scorers' table?  No suspension.  More dirty play against Orlando (though no stitches or throwing involved)?  No suspension.  Perkins throws a forearm into the throat of an Orlando player?  No suspension.

Do they have to decapitate someone to get suspended or something?  

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