Sunday, February 15

Dunking and Sportsmanship

We're big Orlando Magic fans around here, and just LOVED Dwight Howard's slam dunk win last year during the All Star Break.

And when asked what makes him most proud of his son - Slam Dunk Champ, top player in the NBA, Olympic Gold Medal Winner - Dwight's dad said he was most proud of his Christian faith.  How can you dislike a guy with a family like that?  This year's Slam Dunk contest was fun to watch, even if Little Girl was disappointed at the lack of birthday cupcakes.  And Dwight Howard, though he lost the contest, was still BMOC as far as I was concerned because of his sportsmanship and his assistance to Nate Robinson.  Robinson won, by the way, and Howard (despite what the announcers said) did not look all that disappointed.  It's all fun, and Howard just was all class here.

Of course, this dunk was just so jaw-dropping, we weren't sure it could be beat.  Naturally, when you are under 6 feet tall and jump over someone who is nearly 7 feet tall, you deserve to win.  (But since my girls loved it so, I wanted to include this, Howard's new Superman dunk.)

Okay, one more. A little risque, perhaps, but kind of funny.

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