Thursday, November 20

International Annointed First Starbucks of the Northern Valley

I saw this at Crummy Church Signs, and I have to say it really did remind me of the days when I dabbled with Evangelical stuff.  Never left the Church, but I certainly wasn't attending Mass regularly at the time.  And it's funny, but I think about this couple and what they are looking for, and I think about the Mass, especially at my parish.  People are there to open the door and greet everyone (I remember when we first visited the parish while we were house hunting).  Folks talk to you, but no one pressures you.  We certainly don't talk about goals of bringing new people to Mass, though we have been encouraged to bring people.  It's just not a game or a goal.  There is a constant announcement in the bulletin that if you have been attending Mass and are drawn to the Church, please call and enquire about RCIA.

Anyway, it's funny, and I especially love the coffee angle.  I always love the coffee angle.  ;)

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