Tuesday, October 30

Carving a Pumpkin Tonight?

Note: After the previous post on Pullman's The Golden Compass, this might strike some as strange. Please do a search of Catholic blogs explaining Halloween and how it's not evil or sinful to dress up in costumes and get candy. (I might have even done something about it here or at the Soccer Mom site.) Right now, I haven't got time to get it here. (Maybe later, kiddies.)

If you're carving a pumpkin tonight, you might want to do more than paint it (good for little kids) or do the triangles-for-eyes thing. You might want to get fancy and have your kids say something like, "Wow!" or "OOOOH!"

If so, try out some pumpkin carving templates that you can attain for free. (There are even Christian-themed templates, if you wish. Those look too hard for me, or just too blah.)

Sorry that I haven't got clever names for these links, but the hyperlinks ought to work when you click on them. And they all ought to open in a new window.



http://www.pumpkinmasters.com/free_patterns_main.asp (I like the cat and moon on that one.)



These are from HP, and had a link so long I thought I'd have mercy on you.

Or, if you want to highlight that tomorrow is All Hallows' Eve (Look, you got a link for Catholic information, anyway!):


One more:


Have fun making beautiful artwork with the kiddies tonight! And don't forget to save and roast the seeds!

Update: Mark Shea has an e-mail posted from someone who has a whole site dedicated to a Christian defense of Hallowe'en! And the guy has another website, too!

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