Tuesday, July 7

Change Your View

Carl Anderson, Worthy Knight, has some words for us to remember as we read the Holy Father's New encyclical, which teaches us about Catholic Social Justice (or, specifically, charity - love).  In an article found at Headline Bistro, we see that Anderson lives up to his title of Worth Supreme Knight:

Pope's new encyclical asks us to re-examine foundation of the economy:

"'Commentators,' Anderson says, 'should avoid trying to analyze the pope’s document from their own perspectives or through a political lens. Pope Benedict XVI's comments in this encyclical, like his writing on the economy previously, concern the need for an ethical underpinning in order for any economic system to be sustainable. An ethical underpinning to economic systems must transcend politics.'

Another reaction that Anderson warns against is reading the encyclical and then 'asking not how it validates our worldview.' Instead, he suggests asking how one's worldview should change in response to the document." [all emphasis added -ed.]

This is important for everyone to remember - not just Catholics who lean to the Left politically OR Catholics who lean to the Right.

I have only printed off the encyclical so far, and will most likely be reading it on vacation, but I'm really looking forward to it.  If you haven't read the Holy Father's other encyclicals, please click through below and check them out.  Yes, I mean non-Catholic readers, too.  There is so much for us all to learn from Pope Benedict XVI!

* Deus Caritas Est (On Christian Love - God is Love)

* Spe Salvi (Saved by Hope)

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